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Coral Gardens, Stingray City & Starfish Beach

Coral Gardens, Stingray City & Starfish Beach Highly Recommended
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Starfish Adventure in Grand Cayman

This Stingray City Grand Cayman Tours is an extension to Tours # 1, but with an additional stop at Starfish Beach on the north coast. Located about 20 minutes boat ride from Stingray City and Coral Gardens, this is the most requested tour offered by Grand Cayman Seven Seas Charters.

At Starfish Beach you'll be able to walk on a small but beautiful Sand Point, where red and orange starfish congregate along the shoreline. This particular Cayman Islands Tour makes for that extra special photo opportunity and is excellent for both kids and adults alike.


Additional Details

Duration Capacity Cost Children 5-12 yrs Under 5 yrs
4 Hours 15 Persons $80 USD Per Person $70 USD Free
* Transportation provided with water/sodas/fruit punch.

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